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13 April 2014 @ 10:32 am
It's Simply Called As Destiny Chapter 3  

Title: It's Simply Called As Destiny
Author: loveyamapi31caselynlovemasuda
Pairing: InooBu
Rating: PG15
Disclaimer: I don’t own Yabu and Inoo. But they own my heart XD


Summary: What will Inoo Kei do if he found out that in order to save his father's business he have to marry Yabu Kota, the son of his father's long time business partner. Knowing their differences will they still realized that they're destined to each other?




So here I am walking aimlessly at a a random street in Shibuya. How I wish I could get Kei's attention even just for a moment. Yeah I can have his attention just by taunting at him but I actually want a different attention. Attention like I can freely talk random things to him, laughing together and just chatting in a friendly way. Honestly I really like that brat hahaha I love teasing him until he's annoyed to the fullest, the way he pout his lips and roll his eyes when I tease his lips and roll his eyes when.I tease him, I wonder what kind of guy he thinks of me. Augh I'm a really weird person why I can't just be honest to myself? I wish I can fully express my feelings, I wish I can just shout to the world how I wanted to be free, to think on my own, to decide what I think is right and not just somebody's shadow. So basically my problem is I am asked to marry Kei but does he want it back? Yes I admired him.. well aside from being perfect physically I can tell that he's a good good person.. A person that I want to be in my life forever. I guess...


"Hey Ko-chan!" I'm stopped with my little own world when I heard a familiar voice. A voice that makes me happy but never fails to broke my heart into pieces. Ah Miwa the girl that I consider my first love. She was actually my sempai from school, everyone adored her and me is not an exception. Who can't admire a pretty girl like her? As I watched her run towards me with a cute smile plastered on her face, my heart beats faster than usual again. How I wish I can hug her but Im afraid I can't because of the guy that holds her hand protectively. Tsk Koyama sempai what a lucky bastard you are!


"How are you Ko-chan? You're taller than me now. Ah time flies so fast~" Miwa chuckled cutely and it breaks my heart apart. Why?


"Oi kid you're staring at my girlfriend." I blinked my eyes fast as I tried to remove Miwa on my head. I wish I can easily forget my feelings towards her but I just can't. I hate it when I'm too obssessed to the point that I'm only trying to hurt myself.


"I'm not staring I just tend to space out a  lot these days. Uhm I don't want to ruin your date I guess I'll just go first." I run as fast as I can, shit I hate this feeling it feels like I'm also running away from my problems. I felt ashamed to Miwa though, I don't want her to see me like this. I want her to see the happy go lucky Yabu Kota he onced knew. Damn it to forget everything I'll just go drown myself and let the stupid alcohol helps me forget the world slowly. 1 2 3 4..and boom four bottles of beer knocked me out. Its already past midnight when I decided to go home. This morning I told Kei that I'm going out to buy something but it's already midnight hmmm he doesn't care about me so I guess it's fine if I went home tomorrow morning. Augh I'm fucking drunk already, how I wish this fucking soberness is forever so I can completely  forget all the worries I had. I'm Yabu Kota the stupid Yabu Kota whos purpose in life is to be a kid that always say yes in what everyone wants and agrees to what everyone wants me to be. Hahaha my life is totally fucked up to be they said I'm lucky for inheriting my father's wealth but hey I don't want it. I just want a simple life, a simple life where I can be myself and live as if  everyday's the last day. This wound inside my heart can someone heal it for me?





Kota is now lying helplessly on the floor, grunting whatever curse words that slip into his mouth. His hair and clothes are dishevelled and bottles of beer were lying on the cold floor beside him.


"Excuse me but we are about to close now." A cold looking man appears all of a sudden. "Hey kiddo can you still walk home?"


"Shut the fuck up I can handle myself!" Kota shouted as he attempts to stand up but fails and instead collapsed on the floor looking so pitiful. The cold looking man or should we say the bar's manager grabbed the younger boy's collar and gripped it strongly. "Just pay your bills kid and you can fuckin go anywhere you want!"


"Here take this!" Kota said as he attempts to catch his breath. "Now can you just let me go? My wife is waiting for me."


Your wife huh?!" The manager tsked as he counts the money. "Fuck how dare you let yourself get drunk and bring an amount like this? Hahaha you're dead!"


"Damn it I can pay you triple amount tomorrow but not now I don't have my money here." Kota attempted to stand up for the second time explaining that his wife is waiting for him to go home. his wife is waiting for him to go home. The already bursting with anger manager grabbed Kota's phone and asked. "Name of your wife?"


"Kei" Kota said with a hiccup, he smirked imagining Kei's reaction the moment he received the manager's angry call. As phone continuosly ring waiting for the other line to accept the call the manager tapped his feet in an agitating manner. Then shoot! Kei answered the call screaming like there's no tomorrow.


"Hey Mr Yabu Kota how dare you distured my sleep in this ungodly hour! Damn it just so you know you're sleeping outside you cant enter MY house! Tell to my dad that I'm not playing his dumb game anymore! Got it!?"


The manager was about to throw the phone somewhere else, good thing he still had this little patience. "Hey kid your wife is really something huh!"


"Oi Yabu!" Kei screamed at the other line. "Are you even listening?"


"Uhm excuse me but this is Takaki Yuya, the owner of the club that your husband is in now. Hey there pretty get your sexy ass off here and grab your husband."


Kei blushed all of a sudden hearing the word husband. Thankfull that his red cheeks are not seen by someone. "Hey! We're not married yet!"


"Yet? So does it mean you really want us to get married?" Kota tried to tease the latter even in his drunk state. Oh my the table has been completely turned now.


"Hey Mr Takaki Im not a girl! Can you tell to that drunk guy that he can just-" Kei was stopped by the manager named Takaki.


"Just go get your husband here and pay his bills okay? I'll wait for you here in Roppongi." And before Kei could have the chance to complain Takaki turned off the phone and threw it to a smiling  Kota lying on the floor. "Hey kid lets just for a minute if your girl will come rescue you"


"Tsk of course he will." Kota smirked playfully with a full expectation that Inoo Inoo Kei his lovely fiance will come rescue him.

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infntcaseloveyamapi31 on April 13th, 2014 04:59 am (UTC)
Thank you for the comment as well ^^ And yeah I'll update my fics from now on: )
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infntcaseloveyamapi31 on April 14th, 2014 09:10 am (UTC)
hihihi thank you too ^^
tasuku_kyotatasuku_kyota on April 14th, 2014 04:03 am (UTC)
I am so damn happy with this chapter!!! TakaNooBu!!!
Thank you for updating :)
infntcaseloveyamapi31 on April 14th, 2014 09:12 am (UTC)
asdfghjkl so you love takanoobu too?

btw thanks for reading ^^
tasuku_kyotatasuku_kyota on April 14th, 2014 11:35 am (UTC)
Daijobu, your fic is good so I am reading it gratefully :)

Please gimme yes!!!
They are my ultimate ever
infntcaseloveyamapi31 on April 15th, 2014 01:58 am (UTC)
asdfghjkl hell yeah I LOVE TAKANOOBU they're like the best OT3 ever LOL
I don't know but I ship it more than the famous hikanoobu XD
tasuku_kyotatasuku_kyota on April 15th, 2014 03:07 am (UTC)
Emergesh emergesssshhhh
I always turn hyper when I found another takanoobu ot3 lover
I love them SO MUCH!!!!

Uhn uhn because I ship Hika with Keito so that's why I am not into hikanoobu
Even tho I ship TaDaiki but I also love TakaNoo
Oh yeaahhh <3
infntcaseloveyamapi31 on April 16th, 2014 01:07 am (UTC)
OMG we have the same OTPs i ship tadaiki and hikato as well LOL