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27 April 2014 @ 07:48 pm
It's Simply Called As Destiny Chapter 5  

Title: It's Simply Called As Destiny
Author: loveyamapi31
Pairing: InooBu
Rating: PG15
Disclaimer: I don’t own Yabu and Inoo. But they own my heart XD


Summary: What will Inoo Kei do if he found out that in order to save his father's business he have to marry Yabu Kota, the son of his father's long time business partner. Knowing their differences will they still realized they're destined to each other?


A/N: Hello everyone ^^ I'm away from lj for a whole week since I'm preparing for my upcoming graduation ceremony. I hope you guys understand, don't worry I'll be back after graduation ends. And I'm so happy coz we'll be singing SMAP's Tabidachi no Hi ni as our graduation song. Yay! For now I'll be leaving you with this update. Comment is <3


Chapter 5



Kei doesn't know why he's being kind to Kota these past few weeks. He can say that he really like Kota's sense of humor it kind of ease him and make him want to just smile and laugh all day. He thinks he can understand the older guy's feelings more but still hates how perverted Kota is and because of that Kei created rules that will be implemented inside their shared apartment. First, Kota will sleep on the couch while he will use the bed, the only bed they had in their single room, no perverted magazines and CDs allowed since he recently discovered that Kota's hiding them beneath their couch and lastly no skin contact unless they're trying to persuade their fathers that they have good relationship already but Kei thinks that it's a major suffering whenever Kota freely touches him, call him honey or babe and whenever Kota throws him cheesy pick up lines in front of their fathers.


"Seriously Kota do you have to touch me like that in front of my dad?" Kei furrowed as he's trying to make himself look presentable in front of the mirror. Today is their family meeting about their upcoming wedding ceremony. Of course eventhough it's a forced wedding they should prepare and plan it well.


"Tsk Kei it's just a touch what's wrong with that? Why? Do you want me to kiss you instead?"


"Fuck you! You touched my butt.. no you carressed it!" Kei exclaimed trying to figure out the exact thing that the older guy did as if it's not an obscene thing.


"Hahaha caressed? I really did that to you?"


"So you want me to slap you so you can remember what you did to me last week?" Kei said as he put the hair brush inside the drawer. "Remember the third rule? You can be touchy and clingy as long as you want but geez of all my body part you choose my butt? Like seriously Kota?"


Kota wiggled his eyebrows in a suggestive manner, licking his lips seductively as he stared at Kei's butt. "Blame your sexy ass not me."


"Aishh you perverted guy! If it's not for my dad's business I already kill you and that dirty mouth of yours!" Kei snapped back. "If you want your precious life just don't mess up with me later. Remember some board members of the company are invited in the meeting just please stop with your antics I don't wanna embarass myself! Get it?"


"Hey calm down do you really want me to shut you up again huh?" Kota said as he teased Kei for the nth time this morning, he really wants seeing the younger boy getting annoyed over his pervertness but actually Kota believes he's a gentleman himself. He just don't know why he's being a dirty talker when it comes to Kei. It could have been a fairy tale when he acted like a noble prince from the start but no he preferred this set up, he and Kei having a cat versus dog relationship. It kind of spice up their life and he's enjoying it -of course in a positive way-.


Entering a classy restaurant that will witness their upcoming wedding ceremony Kei nervously held Kota's left arm giving it a light squeez telling the other guy how nervous he is at the moment, it really became his hobby when he can't speak for himself.


Kota noticing the light squeez over his left arm stared at Kei and gave him a warm smile. "Don't worry you're beautiful today, no need to think of anything."


Kei controlled himself from slapping Kota for real. He's nervous not because he felt like he has some dirt on his face or he felt not pretty at the moment; he's nervous simply because of the stare being given to them by the members of the board of their father's shared company. He realized how important the wedding is for them because maybe it's in his and Kota's hand that will save the business. Just by thinking of it he felt like some kind of shit. He wondered if Kota's thinking of their situation as well, or maybe not because it seems like Kota's enjoying the stare being given to them as if feeling proud to himself that he's going to save these business man's life. Oh fuck. He want this damn meeting to end as soon as possible.


"You two may have a seat so we can now properly proceed." One of his father's colleague named Mr. Sakurai said in a monotone voice. Kei bit his lower lip and thinks how rude these people are. They're just thinking of the business that's it. Ugh he completely loose respect with every man in suit.


"So how was it going between you two?" Mr. Kato asked after drinking his green tea. "I can see you like each other very much."


Kota smiled as his chinky eyes turned into a fine line. "We're very excited for our upcoming wedding. As you can see we both agreed on the contract already we're only waiting for the date."


"That's good to hear, I thought it's impossible for us to convince you two since your fathers told us that you guys are against it especially Kei." Mr. Matsumoto said while trying not to laugh because who'll agree at a wedding that was almost considered as gunshot.


"Oh that's not true." Kota held Kei's chin getting the latter's attention. He noticed how uncomfortable Kei is just by looking at his face, he know there's something wrong. "Baby what's wrong do you want to eat or anything?"


And Kota calling him babe brought him back to reality. Oh damn it Inoo Kei it's not the right time to loose your senses, he sais to himself. "I'm okay. Can I just excuse myself first." Kei muttered and scurried off to find a nearby comfort room. He just need to breath first before he forgot that he should act like he want this wedding to happen and of course before he burst out and gave those men wear words they'll never forget in their entire life. He wanted to cry, yes he felt so vulnerable and weak at the moment why is it so hard for him? Is this really happening for real? Kei washed his face and enjoy the cold water dampening his already pale skin. It kind of calm him, telling him everything will end up well. Suddenly he was stunned the moment he saw Kota in front of the mirror. Actually he don't want to face the older guy, he might just cry and tell how fucked up he is.


"I knew it, something's troubling you." Kota said as he gave Kei a warm back hug, he rested his chin above the younger's shoulder and stare at his eyes using the large mirror in front of them. "Just tell me why you're being like this. I hate to see you when you're about to cry."


Kei faked a smile, staring back at Kota. "Don't worry I'm just you know- I hate it why they're so selfish. They're just thinking of the company's sake. Why are they like that?" Kei stuttered. As much as he want to hold back his tears he just can't because he cannot take everything anymore. He cried and cried until he clutched Kota's suit dampening the guy's shoulder.


"Don't worry everything will be fine. Just trust me okay?" Kota was carefully combing Kei's hair using his fingers, his right arm held the crying boy protectively wishing this gesture will stop Kei from crying. "I know its hard for you Kei, I understand~"


Kei looked up and stared back, he said to himself while looking at the latter's eyes. "You know Kota you're also making this hard for me. These past few weeks I'm not being myself, I don't know why I'm torturing myself thinking of what exactly is this weird feeling inside me." Kei stepped back, escaping from the embrace. "I don't know what you did to me... Why am I feeling so weird whenever I'm with you? Ugh you're so troublesome." Kei muttered giving Kota a sincere smile. "But thank you for showing me your gentle side, I appreciate it." Kei turned back leaving Kota in the comfort room alone.


The older boy found himself trying to figure out one by one what Kei have said to him a while ago. Today is really an unexpected one. It feels like a lot of things happened in a short period of time.


"Maybe that brat have fallin for me~" Kota said with a lopsided grin while going back to their meeting and to where his fiancee is. As he go back to his seat Kota immediately throws a huge smile towards Kei. "We're very sorry that we left. I think we can proceed now."


Mr Yabu cleared his throat, getting everyone's attention. "To start this meeting I like everyone of you to read and sign this documents first."


As the papers were slowly being signed by
everyone Kei knew at that time that their upcoming wedding is now official. He kept on glancing at his father whom from the start wasn't saying anything. Mr Inoo as usual was calm and reserve, he'll only say a few words when someone's asking him questions about business. Right now Kei thinks that he should accept everything though he knew it's something that will definitely change his life. Forever.


Half an hour have passed and the signing of the documents as well as the plans regarding the wedding were now properly done and planned. One by one the members of the board bid their goodbyes and congratulated the couple for their upcoming wedding. Now the only person left are Kei, Kota and their now accomplished looking fathers.


"So we'd like to know first what exactly happen between you two?" Mr Yabu asked as he throws the two a curious look. "I mean the last time we saw you, you guys keep on bickering."


"Don't worry dad, Kei and I were already agreed at the wedding. And haven't you
seen that I touched his butt last week?" Kota explained holding his upcoming fits of laughter.


"So holding butts now are sign of being okay? Oh kids these days." Mr Inoo butted in as he sipped his remaining coffee. "That's good to hear though that you were finally okay."


"By the way, about the date of your wedding we will let you guys decide on that." Mr. Yabu said as he arrange and pile the documents one by one.


Kei gulped and scratch the back of his head. He wasn't actually sure what to answer and he felt so embarassed at the moment. "Mr Yabu uhmm we will just update you. I think we need to talk first regarding that matter."


"And of course I need to propose first, right Kei-chan?" Kota smirked at the younger boy. The same smirk he had the first time the two of them met. It's annoying as usual but Kei felt a little bit of spark seeing that smirk and hell yeah his cheeks were red as a tomato.





After their meeting Kei went home alone since Kota has to run some errands, as usual it's about business that Mr Yabu told him to finish. He kind of pity Kota, he knew that these past few weeks Kota's been finishing some paper works in their company's office, working his ass off to save the company. Kei doesn't know what's the real status of their business even his father doesn't want him to let it know either. He was just kept on telling that marrying Kota will save everything. Kei run his fingers through his hair it was starting to become really stressful for him so he made a mental note to ask Kota later. Another thing even their upcoming wedding  bugs his mind. He imagine if someday he and Kota are now officially married, the two of them walking side by side in their intertwined hands, smiling at each other while having a grocery, celebrating each other's birthday. Kei let out an awkward laugh. He kept on telling himself how ridiculous it is but hey no one knows what will happen in the future... even himself.


"I'm getting scared of the future..." Kei mumbled as he finally drifted off to sleep, leaving his endless thoughts aside.




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tasuku_kyotatasuku_kyota on April 20th, 2014 02:39 pm (UTC)
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Me love this update!!!
'I hate to see when you are about to cry'
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infntcaseloveyamapi31 on April 21st, 2014 03:37 pm (UTC)
Hihihi thanks for reading ^^
johnnysilva_23johnnysilva_23 on April 21st, 2014 05:41 am (UTC)
i like this
it seems Kei has started to fall for Kota
and Kota noticed
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LOVE don't be in such denial
infntcaseloveyamapi31 on April 21st, 2014 03:40 pm (UTC)
Hahahaha Kei is definitely indenial here. Thank you as always ^^
shin007: pic#122957896shin007 on April 22nd, 2014 02:41 am (UTC)
Nice chapter~~~

It seems like Inoo begin to open his heart for Yabu..

infntcaseloveyamapi31 on April 22nd, 2014 12:11 pm (UTC)
Arigatou ♡