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17 April 2014 @ 03:34 am
Title: It's Simply Called As Destiny Chapter 4  

Title: It's Simply Called As Destiny
Author: loveyamapi31
Pairing: InooBu
Rating: PG15
Disclaimer: I don’t own Yabu and Inoo. But they own my heart XD


Summary: What will Inoo Kei do if he found out that in order to save his father's business he have to marry Yabu Kota, the son of his father's long time business partner. Knowing their differences will they still realized that they're destined to each other?



Yatta! Another update XD I can't help but to insert TakaNooBu here <3 At first Takaki's role will only be a grumpy bar owner but I think I can use him for Yabu's jealousy because you know love and hate inoobu is still the best HAHAHA Please leave a comment. Any suggestions or violent reactions? Btw I'm sorry if write in fast pace way ^^

Chapter 4


Grabbing his phone and of course his wallet that will definitely save his stupid fiancee's life Kei hurriedly hailed a cab that will take him to Roppongi, to a certain bar where Kota is at the moment. Stupid Kota, stupid Yabu Kota he kept on grunting, telling himself to keep calm.


"Ugh why am I even concern to that perverted guy?" He said almost a wispher, taking a mental note that he will give the guy a straight punch on the face. Yes he's so done over these never ending dramas in his life . Kei asked why he is being so unlucky. First having a greedy father and now having a stupid, perverted future husband. Life is definitely a complicated one, what's the point of getting married to his father's business partner when he doesn't even love the guy. Yeah he kinda like Kota but not really. To be honest they're actually two different person that is too opposite. To sum it up he likes white while Kota likes black, that's how they differ. It doesn't make sense at all.


"Excuse me pretty lady we're already in Roppongi." The driver said and Kei suddenly brought back out of his trance state. He gave the fair and thanked the driver for informing him.


"Oh don't call me pretty coz I'm not a girl." He jumped off the cab leaving the driver in full awe. Kei wondered why everyone tought of him as a girl, a pretty girl to be exact. He admit he's pretty and sometimes feminine but duh can't they see he doesn't have the 'thing' that only girls have? Kei literally slapped himself from having random thoughts again remembering he's here for a certain person. As he entered the said bar he immediately looked for Kota, he was greeted by a guy whom he assumed as the manager of the bar who phone called him a while ago.


"Oh so you came Ms Kei." Takaki walked near the latter and gave him a playful grin. "You're even prettier in person, having that annoying voice I think I can handle that more than your stupid husband here."


Kei rolled his eyes and tried to ignore the guy. "Im here to pay the bills of that jerk and just so you know I'm not a girl please. Just stop."


After giving the payments he walked near Kota and attempted to carry the guy. Yeah he hates the idea of being near Kota but its the only way so he can properly go back to his precious disturbed sleep. "Hey Kota do you want me to drag you home huh?"


Kota rubbed his eyes with the back of his hands like an innocent kid, Kei doesn't know why but he felt something weird. He felt like he'll suddenly melt at the view in front of him. Augh why did he became so cute in front of my eyes, Kei asked himself. "Oi Yabu Kota stop acting like that-" His complain was stopped when Kota hugged him all of a sudden. The older guy's strong yet soft hands started to roam his back on a soothing passionate way, telling Kei to just relax for a moment and enjoy the heat ttat emitts between them. This feeling it's really unknown for him. Why does he feel this way.


"I knew you'll come~" Kota said as he stared at Kei lovingly. Their noses touched at their close proximity. The younger boy continuosly blinked and he can't even move a bit. As much as he wants to escape from the older guy's embrace he just can't because it felt like this kind of hug is what he needed to remove all the worries he had in him. Yes it felt so wrong yet also right in an unexplainable way.


"Lets go home honey, I don't want you to be stolen by that grumpy old man." Kota said as he keep on throwing evil looks at the bar's manager. He held Kei's hand as they go out the bar smiling like an idiot because Kei looks like a statue right now.


"Hey pretty boy visit me here next time!" Was the only words they've heard after leaving Takaki's bar.





Walking side by side at the street on their way home Kota noticed how the younger boy fidgets. Yes he's drunk but can still feel that something's bothering Kei. "Hey you okay?"


Kei tried to make himself calm a bit and forget the hug that Kota gave him. "Do you think I'm fine? Because of you I've called pretty twice. That money I used to pay for your fucking bills are the only money that I had since my father cuts my ATM account. How am I suppose to eat now?!"


Kota finds it cute that his fiancee is a total brat. Inoo Kei is really a unique person because of that he had this eagerness to know and discover every little detail about Kei. But more than anything teasing the latter and seeing him getting annoyed is an enjoyment. He stared at the other boy and wispher something on his ears. "Hmm you can eat me instead."


Kei bit his lips to control himself from punching the guy on his perfect face (which was his plan the moment he saw Kota). Yes Kei finds him gorgeous, a really handsome man but he wish Kota is more of a gentleman. How can this handsome guy be so bold and perverted? "Listen Kota the idea of me getting under your skin is the thing that will make me cringe in my whole life. Keep in your mind that I'm not marrying someone like you! Someone who is-" But a kiss on his plump lips shut him up. He was stopped by a kiss of a very handsome man that became so cute and suddenly becoming so hot in just a second. Kota cupped the younger boy's cheeks, massaging Kei's sexy jaw line, a kiss that's worth being his first ever. And yes Kei kissed back he felt so loved at the moment, felt so cherished for the first time of his life. After a minute that feels like forever Kei put both of his hands at Kota's shoulder giving them a light squeez, telling the other guy that he might die out of suffocation if they'll not stop. He wanted to stop but also want this moment to be just till infinity. Kota after realizing that Kei wants to breath slowly removed his lips, stopping the passionate kiss they had just now.


"Now what? You still don't want to marry me? I'll shower you with kisses everyday."


Kei pouted like a kid. He doesn't know what exactly he's feeling right now. "You're really weird you know. The first time we met you gave me a peck, a while ago you hugged me like I'm all yours and now you stole my first kiss. Is this really you?"


"Why? Do you think I'm hiding something?" Kota carefully grabbed Kei and sneaked his left hand at the younger boy's waist while the other is fixing Kei's fringe. "Kei-chan you're really something. Aside from you being a brat which I really love I think you can tell what I feel, what I truly wants and what's the real me. Hmm you're much more interesting than Miwa sempai."


Kei stepped back since he doesn't want Kota to see the light pink shade forming in his cheeks. "What do you think of me, a mind reader?! And whose that Miwa sempai?"


Kota grinned and asked. "Oh so now you're getting jealous of Miwa sempai?"


"Bitch please I'm not! Stop acting like I already open up my heart for you!"


"Hahaha you just did Kei. I think we're destined, aside from the both of us having  greedy fathers I believe that we are fated to love each other. We are fated because we fully understand each other's weaknesses and strengths."


Kei stared at Kota for a moment then burst out laughing. "Shut up you're being overly dramatic."


Kota smiled widely. "Wow you're lauging."


"Why? Am I a potato? I'll laugh when I want to." Kei walked away from Kota leaving him smiling like an idiot.


"Hey Inoo Kei where do you think you're going?"


Kei stopped from walking and looked back. "Hmm to Mr. Takaki I guess? He's not as boring like you!" He smiled and run as fast as he can.


Kota glared lightly trying to chase Kei in his sober condition. Damn it no one can steal Kei fron him. "What?! Hey tell me you're joking! I'm hotter than that chubby guy! Hey wait!"


The moon and stars above witnessed how they slowly opening up at each other. Kei really doesn't know either, the reason why he's acting like this, why he suddenly felt something towards the stupid guy and that 'feeling' is still unknown for him. Yes he admits that he's not still giving his full trust to the guy but talking to Kota in a friendly way will not hurt him since from now on they'll be living under the same roof. Just say goodluck to his weird feelings towards the older guy.



irmaniesirmanies on April 19th, 2014 05:16 pm (UTC)
kyaaa... I love this :D

will wait for the next chapter :)
keisuloveyamapi31 on April 20th, 2014 12:10 pm (UTC)
Thank you for reading ^^