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07 May 2014 @ 01:10 am
It's Simply Called As Destiny Chapter 8  
Title: It's Simply Called As Destiny Author: loveyamapi31 Pairing: InooBu Rating: PG15 Disclaimer: I don’t own Yabu and Inoo. But they own my heart XD  Summary: What will Inoo Kei do if he found out that in order to save his father's business he have to marry Yabu Kota, the son of his father's business partner. Knowing their differences will they still realized that they're destined to each other?    AN: Konnichiwa ;) I'm gonna end this fic soooon XD Two more chapters I guess~ Annnd I lost some readers huhuhuhu Comments are ♡   Chap 8 Kei's POV Everyone says that you dearly love someone when you started to feel the word 'jealousy'. Yes it's a normal feeling that everyone may encounter in their life, but me to be honest I never felt jealous in my whole life. That word doesn't exist in my vocabulary either, well it's just that in my opinion I only see jealousy as when you want things others had that you can't have and I grew up having all the luxuries in life so yes I never experienced getting jealous over someone. But today I just realized that it applies to humans too, now I felt jealous over someone and I really hate this feeling. It brings bad chills down my spine and it want me to just cry and feel the mental hurt all over my body. Fuck why am I feeling this way? I hate myself why am I getting jealous when I saw Kota with another girl being all lovey dovey or whatever shit you may call it. I'm not supposed to be like this, I felt like I'm some kind of attention whore just wanting Kota's attention all by myself. Ugh Inoo Kei you shouldn't do this to yourself! As I walked home since the grocery store is just a walking distance away from our apartment, I noticed how the scene a while ago pester me. It keeps on playing inside my mind that the pain I felt turns into a whole new level of pain. I felt so down right now I wonder if Kota is only lying when he told me he love me, maybe from the start he's just doing this for the sake of the business. I felt so used right now, at first by my father and now by Kota the guy whom I realized I love very much. Is money so important to them that hurting other person's feelings is not a big deal? With all these thoughts in my mind I only realized that I'm crying. I'm crying even these stubborn tears won't control themselves from falling. I touched my cheeks and wiped the tears that I hate seeing the most because the last time I cried was when my uncle told me face to face that I was the reason why my mother died. It was when I'm six years old.. so innocent and fragile. Now that I'm crying again I can't help but to remember those hurtful words that I can't be able to forget from the rest of my life. That time I promised myself not to cry again but why, why am I breaking that promise? Damn it Kota I wish you can see whatyou're doing to me right now. Author's POV As Kei reached their apartment he ran a hand through his hair and sighed deeply. He wasn't sure if he's ready to face Kota. He felt so betrayed right now and he doesn't know what exactly he can do to the boy, maybe punch him hard when he tried to lie and say nonsense things again. After a minute of having thoughts whether to stay in their apartment or not, Kei ended up practically laying on the couch with his face buried on the pillow while his back facing the ceiling. He's full of worries right now and the only thing he can do to forget all this crap is to drown himself from liqour. The pretty boy run on the fridge and grabbed a bottle of sake, he tried to put a smile on his face realizing he's really destined to buy the small sake on the grocery store. It doesn't really help him either when he's inside this small apartment because wherever he gazed at he can only see Kota's figure; in the kitchen where Kota cooked pretty much everything, in his room where Kota tried to peek in at night when he's in deep sleep and in the couch where Kota sleeps at night. Kei slowly touched the couch while thinking of Kota. He admit he's not angry he's just jealous and confused whether Kota truly loves him or not. He tried to think of what he will say to Kota when the latter questions him as to why he's drinking. Maybe he can honestly tell Kota that he saw him with some girl and that he'll be fine without saying that he's full of jealousy and pain. It wasn't like he's expecting Kota to get home so early because he knew the latter's enjoying his dinner date so much but his train of thought ended when he heard a click on their front door. He became so stiff, why does Kota home so early? This is not the reality he'd wanted. "Kei-chan I brought you a cake!" Kota cheerfully said placing the chocolate cake he brought a while ago. He was shocked when he saw a bottle of sake on Kei's hand. "So you're drinking without me?" Since they had met Kei's afraid to get drunk in front of Kota in case he might slip his words and say something he could regret but unfortunately tonight might not be one of his lucky night because yes, a small bottle of sake knocked him out of his sense. "W-why will I drink with you?" He said in his tipsy condition, cheeks flushed and hair mussed. "Are you drunk already?" "Hmm~" Kei hummed wiping his eyes with the back of his palm. "Am not!" This made Kota cracked a smile. "Yes you are." He sat beside Kei and put his left arm around the boy's shoulder. "So you're really drinking without me? Aww that's so sad~" "You're on a date how am I supposed to drink with you?" He said with uncontrollable hiccups. "Now don't dare say any shitty reasons because hey I just found out that from the start you're just being a stupid sweet talker telling me you love me but unfortunately it was all lies! Now tell me do you really love me huh?" "Kei~" Kota was out of words, now he know why he's afraid to agree on Miwa's dinner treat, he was afraid he might be seen by someone most especially Kei and now he must face the consequences. "Tsk see you can't even answer me!" Kei stood up ready to leave Kota alone but a strong grip from his wrist prevent him from doing so. "Don't tell me you're jealous?" Kota examined the latter's expression, he noticed how Kei looked away when he asked that. "Let me go!" "Wow! So you're just jealous aren't you?" He also stood up from the couch and grabbed Kei's face making them stare at each other. "Kota~" Kei said not breaking his stare. "Why are you doing this to me? You know that I already love you that's why you're doing this right? That's why you're trying to break my heart?" Kota smiled sincerely, he wants to cry after hearing these things from Kei, most specially hearing the boy that he loved him back. Finally. "I'm so sorry if I made you cry but please believe me that's not a date. It was just Miwa, a sempai from school and everything that you saw, it was just a friendly dinner. Believe me~" "How am I suppose to believe you Kota?" Kei cried, searching the truth from the latter's eyes. Now he's full of confusion. "It's hard for me to believe what you're saying. So it's normal for a friend to feed 'her' already engaged friend? And come on the both of you are smiling sweetly at each other!" "You know Kei-chan I'm not supposed to do this here." Kota bit his lips nervously. "But I guess it's the only way to prove that I really love you." Kota grabbed his bag and get something out of it. Kei blinked his eyes fast wondering what's the older boy trying to do. "Now what!?" Kei muttered. Kota just smiled at him and look straight into his dark orbs. He opened a small box and upon seeing what's inside, Kei took slow steps backward, unblinking as he gazed through the box, inside it was the diamond ring Kota bought this morning. The older boy shyly cough and took one of Kei's hand, holding it protectively. "I want you to listen to what I'll say. Don't you dare say anything unless I'm not finish or else I'll punish you~." Kei was taken aback but didn't complain, afraid to whatever punishment it is. "First of all I would like to thank you for everything. You know Kei-chan you don't have any idea how much you changed my life." Kota paused a bit then continued. "You know our situation right? We are both set up with this whole marriage thingy and I saw how you suffered a lot. When we first met I'm not an ideal guy to you because you know I kept on throwing smirks which you really hate seeing the most. I also showed how perverted I can get and uhm to be honest I enjoyed seeing you when you're annoyed and pissed off." This made Kota laugh a little seeing how Kei looks as if he's ready to punch him once he's finish talking. "Kei-chan I know and fully understand that you hate being controlled by your dad but actually you're all doing this because you care for him so much, with that I saw how good and lovable person you are. You're so precious to me that I'd want you to be mine and just take care of you for the rest of my life." Kota paused as he wiped the younger boy's face, Kei is crying right now hearing all these from his future partner. "You keep being so indenial about your feelings but I know you love me too, I know you care for me as well. Kei I understand that you're already tired from a lot of sufferings but honestly the pain you feel is double the pain I'm feeling when I saw you cry. I want to be the guy who will always make you smile, who'll wipe your tears when you're sad..I want to be just the man who will stay by your side forever." Kota slowly removed the ring from its box and carefully put it to Kei's right ring finger. "Please Inoo Kei be mine~" Kei felt twisted inside, the pit of his stomach was a churning mess that he couldn't make sense of. Today, Kota is in front of him proposing to him and telling him to be his. The tears on his face means he's happy and contented far from the tears that was full of hurt he had a while ago. "Kota.." Kei smiled and grabbed the older's face, he leaned forward and pressed their foreheads together. Right now Kei was sure on what he's feelling towards Kota. "I love you too~" Kota gripped Kei's waist, their bodies collided together. "Tell me you're not only saying this just because you're drunk. Kei chuckled upon hearing those words. "Hahaha baka~" After that Kei captured the older's lips and jerked his head down, their mouths met in a fiery, passionate kiss. Kota's strong hands curled around the pretty boy's nape, keeping him in place as their tongues fought, Kei's breathless moans disappearing into his mouth as Kota jammed his tongue deeper, tasting him in a loving way. "Kei-chan I love you!" "No I love you more~" Kei pressed their lips together for the second time he stared at the older's eyes smiling like an idiot. He felt so happy right now that finally he can smile everyday because of Kota. He can experience a life being loved by someone so dearly...so passionately. "Oh, are we going to play tonight?" Kota grinned evilly before crashing his lips against Kei's again. "Ugh you're back from being perverted again." Kei mentally facepalmed. "But you love it when I'm being a perv!" Kota teased him enjoying the pink shade written all over the latter's cheeks. "Shut up Kota. We'll just sleep tonight since I'm a bit drunk." Kei pulled him on the bedroom. "And hey it's good news you're not sleeping on the couch anymore." Kota jumped in excitement, at last he can bid goodbye to the small couch that always gave hin back ache every morning. "Let's cuddle please~" Kei nodded at him and the two of them went to bed as they snuggled their tired body. Feeling so blessed that today is another start of the new chapter of their life...as future happy couple. TBC
rei08sumeragi on July 19th, 2014 08:48 am (UTC)
ganbatte ne!!~~